AcuVibe™ Mini AV-1230

AcuVibe™ AV-1230 Mini Handheld Personal Massager

The compact  AV-1230 AcuVibe™ Mini handheld massager provides fast, effective and pinpoint relief wherever and whenever you need it. Unline other massagers, the AcuVibe™ AV-1230 focuses 100 percent of its oscillation energy in the massage head, not in your hand. So, instead of a numb hand, you enjoy targeted relief from sore and tense muscles. The AV-1230 Personal Massager’s powerful motor is whisper-quiet and runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge – over twice as long as other cordless massagers – making it perfect for the car, office and carry-on bag. Just flick it on, put it over sore, tight muscles, and, magically – stress and soreness disappear! The  AV-1230 AcuVibe™ personal handheld massager features a soft “flex-node” massage head, a battery charge indicator, an ergonomic design, and now features 2 speeds.

AcuVibe™ Handheld Mini Personal Massager AV-1230 av1230

New AV-1230 AcuVibe™ Cordless Personal Massager – $69.95 $49.95

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