AcuVibe™ HT-1260

acuvibe HT-1260 Handheld Massager

Whenever you need a quick, effective and precise massage, turn to the AcuVibe™ HT-1260 handheld massager – it’s compact and lightweight (only 1.1 lbs). Unlike many other massagers, the HT-1260 AcuVibe™ focuses a hundred percent of its oscillation energy in the massage head, not in your hand. The HT-1260 Personal Massager’s powerful two-speed motor is vibration-damped and whisper-quiet. You can choose from 4300 or 5700 vibrations per minute. The AcuVibe™ has a great internal battery and runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge – over twice as long as other cordless massagers – making it perfect for the car, office and carry-on bag. Just flick it on, put it over sore, tight muscles and stress and soreness disappear! The HT-1260 AcuVibe™ personal handheld massager features a soft “flex-node” massage head, a battery charge indicator and an ergonomic design.

The HT-1260 AcuVibe™ Personal Massager is a great tool to take care of that sore muscle that’s been bothering you the whole day. This compact handheld massager allows you to pinpoint and soothe your sore spots on the go! Whether it’s stiffness in the neck, a cramp in a leg muscle, or tired and sore feet and hands, the HT-1260 personal massager makes it disappear before your very eyes!

The AcuVibe™ HT-1260 is at your disposal anywhere and anytime so that you can enjoy a targeted and effective massage at your convenience. At only 1.2 lbs, with an ergonomic design and a powerful two-speed motor, the HT-1260 AcuVibe™ is a cure for stress and muscle soreness on the go.

AcuVibe™  HT-1260 handheld massager Flexible, “power-spring” mounted massage head delivers exclusive oscillation massage for therapeutic relief of sore, tight muscles.

AcuVibe™  HT-1260 Handheld Massager A whisper-quiet motor with powerful vibration provides for deep relaxation.

AcuVibe™  HT-1260 Handheld Massager Lightweight and rechargeable batteries provide up to 45 minutes of use on a single charge – over twice as long as other cordless massagers.

AcuVibe™  HT-1260 Handheld Massager Vibration-dampening focuses energy in massage head instead of in your hand, like many other portable massagers.

HT-1260 AcuVibe™ massager

Ht-1260 AcuVibe Handheld Massager Features, Description and Specifications

New HT-1260 AcuVibe Cordless Personal Massager – $54.95  SOLD OUT!

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